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Distribution systems

Distribution system is a network used to transmit power to the consumers from where it is transmitted from. There are several types of distribution systems used to transmit electricity. These include overhead distribution systems and wireless distribution system. A distribution system comprises of the voltage, wires, poles, transformers and substation. Distribution systems can be radial or interconnected, in an radial system there are no connections along the network especially found in rural areas. Interconnected systems are connected to numerous supply points. This is usually common in urban areas and the main benefit of interconnected system is that if a problem arises it is easy to isolate an area without disrupting supply in their areas. We specialize in planning, installation and maintenance of distribution systems both for private and industrial users. We help you in the field tests, material procurement, distribution network design, and construction, power system repair and upgrading and street lighting installation and maintenance. If you are faced by a problem or you want the best advice regarding distribution systems let the experts do the work for you.
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